Mars Orbiter Camera Decompressed Standard Data Product (DSDP) Archive

Mars Orbiter Camera Decompressed Standard Data Product (DSDP) Archive

Information and Browser for CD Volume MGSC_0007

This CD is part of a multi-volume set that contains the raw image data from the Mars Orbiter Camera instrument on the Mars Global Surveyor spacecraft.

A detailed description of the MOC archive with information about the organization and compilation of the database is provided in the file volinfo.txt . Please refer to this document for more information.

The image files are organized according to NASA's PDS standards. An image file comprises a PDS-labeled file containing an "image object". Image processing tools such as the United States Geological Survey's ISIS package can be used for further processing; we expect that USGS will provide support for MOC-specific processing algorithms once these become better established.

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Browse the Image Collection on this CD

You can view browse versions (reduced-resolution images) of the images on this CD with a graphical or tabular interface. Note that the graphical interface can only be used to access the Narrow Angle images on this volume; both Wide and Narrow Angle images are accessible through the tabular interface.

Image Display for Full Resolution Image Products

In addition to displaying reduced resolution 'browse' images, the text based interface also permits display of full resolution image products using a web-browser helper application. The program NASAView can be used for this purpose. NASAView is a PDS product display tool that runs on multiple platforms with a common graphical user interface. See the PDS Home Page for more information on NASAView and its availability ( Once NASAView is installed on your system, it can be incorporated with your web browser as a helper application. Refer to your particular web browser documentation for information on helper applications.

CD Volume and Directory Structure

The CD contents and directory structure are presented below. Directories (folders) are indicated by boldface type. Documentation and other ancillary support files may be viewed by selecting (clicking) the desired filename. Detailed documentation regarding the archive is available in the aareadme (top level directory) and volinfo (document directory) files.

Top level CD directory:

document directory:

catalog directory:

index directory: