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Future Home of the Mastcam Stereo Analysis and Mosaics Archive

Since Mars Pathfinder, every Mars lander, and especially every Mars rover, has depended heavily on stereo vision. Stereo image analysis provides quantitative information about the location in 3D space of all the objects in the scene – information that cannot be provided by non-stereo images. Stereo is indispensable for operations, but it is also extremely important for science, quantifying shapes, positions, relationships, and orientations, and providing context for a whole host of purposes including geospatial and geomorphological analysis, photometric studies, strike/dip derivation, bedding relationships, mapping, and more.
Quantitative terrain (XYZ) data, as well as mosaics, are available in the Planetary Data System (PDS) for all of the stereo images returned by both MER rovers, Phoenix, Mars2020 and MSL – except for the Mastcam. The lack of these products for the primary science camera on the MSL mission severely constrains many kinds of science analysis that could otherwise be performed using the incredibly rich MSL data set.
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