Current Browser Access to NIMS Cube CD-ROMs

The NIMS Cube CD-ROMs contain several kinds of products, principally NIMS mosaics (g-cubes) and tubes, and NIMS masks (browse products), each accompanied by an embedded or detached PDS label. There is also extensive documentation, including Guides to the Galileo encounters during which data on this CD-ROM was taken. (A NIMS Cookbook describes the different products and how to use them.)

Presently, browser access to this CD-ROM displays only the NIMS masks, and some of the documentation. (See Brief Guide to the NIMS Mask for help in understanding the mask.) The masks can serve as a guide to which mosaics and tubes are of interest to the user, who can then access these products with software such as ISIS and ENVI.

Eventually, on later volumes of this CD-ROM series, it will be possible to browse the cubes (mosaics and tubes) themselves. NASAVIEW, under development by PDS, will soon display individual bands and backplanes of cubes as images, and individual spectra as spectral plots, if it is installed as a helper application to your browser. The browser links (HTML files) on these later volumes will be updated to reflect this capability when it is available.