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Clementine Navigator

The Clementine Navigator, shown below, allows you to select your desired area of interest visually. The image on the left will present you with a rendered sphere whose perspective is determined by the entries on the right. After you have selected your area of interest, you will have two search options:

  1. Quick Search will allow you to select Camera and/or Filter (if desired) or,
  2. Detailed Search with will allow you to use an enormous array of search parameters
See the bottom half of this page for further instructions.

Clicking the arrows will rotate the sphere in the indicated direction.
Use these parameters to specify your desired location: (then press Reposition Globe)

Center Latitude:
Center Longitude:
Distance from Moon(in radii):
Bounding Box (deg):
Clicking the image itself will cause you to:
Zoom In Zoom Out

Now that you have selected your area of interest, you have the option of refining your search by Camera and/or Filter. Simply select from the following criteria and click Quick Search. If you wish to search by your area of interest only, click Quick Search now.

CameraFilter center wavelength (nm)
HIRES (High Resolution) 415 560 650 750 650 (broadband) opaque
UVVIS (Ultraviolet/Visible) 415 750 900 950 1000 650 (broadband)
NIR (Near Infrared) 1100 1250 1500 2000 2600 2780
LWIR (Long Wavelength IR) 8750
A-STAR (Star Tracker A) N/A
B-STAR (Star Tracker B) N/A

Or, if you wish to take your area of interest to a MUCH more detailed search engine, please click Detailed Search at right. Note: Any Camera/ Filter selections you may have made above will not travel with you; but can be entered at your next destination.

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