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PDS Imaging Node
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About PDS Imaging Node

The Imaging Node maintains and distributes the archives of planetary image data acquired from NASA's flight projects with the primary goal of enabling the science community to perform image processing and analysis on the data. The Node provides direct and easy access to the digital image archives through wide distribution of the data on physical media (CD- and DVD-ROM) and through on-line remote-access tools by way of Internet services. The Node provides digital image processing tools and the expertise and guidance necessary to understand the image collections.

The data collections, now approaching five terabytes in volume, provide a foundation for remote sensing studies for virtually all the planetary systems in our solar system (except for Pluto). The Node is responsible for restoring data sets from past missions in danger of being lost. The Node works with active flight projects to assist in the creation of their archive products and to ensure that their products and data catalogs become an integral part of the Node's data collections.

On-Line Capabilities:

Many of the image data sets available through the Node reside on CD-ROM data volumes and are accessible via World Wide Web services (with few exceptions as indicated below under Data Holdings). The web services allow users to browse the image collections, order data products, extract documentation and ancillary data, and obtain processing software. The user resource link for the Imaging Node page is shown below.

NASA Planetary Photojournal

The Photojournal, developed in collaboration with the Solar System Visualization Project and JPL's Media Relations Office (formerly the Public Information Office), enables easy access to NASA's archive of publicly released planetary images for viewing and use by the public, scientists, educators and publishers. The site features thumbnail and browse-size versions of the images for viewing, captions and ancillary information, direct digital downloading in a variety of formats and sizes, and links to vendors for ordering photographs, slides and CD-ROMs. The Photojournal can be accessed at the following URL.

Planetary Image Navigators

The Node is working in a collaborative effort with the Geosciences and Engineering Nodes and the Interactive Planetary Atlas project to establish a Web service for search and retrieval of the image data collections. Images can be selected based on geographic location, the camera operating modes, viewing conditions, and other observational parameters, utilizing either a map-based or forms-based interface. Resulting images can be displayed, downloaded directly, or ordered to be delivered by ftp (file transfer protocol) or on CD-ROM media. The image navigators for the Clementine and Viking Orbiter missions are operational and can be reached through the Imaging Node Home Page.

Contact Information:

USGS Subnode Manager: Lisa Gaddis
JPL Subnode Manager: Sue LaVoie

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